V5 Solutions loan values

We take our business very seriously so we use the most robust industry standard data when working out how much we can lend you. There’s no guessing involved here!

What determines a vehicles value? Principally it is the vehicle’s make, model, age and mileage. Vehicles devalue over time and with increasing mileage. Some also devalue faster than others. Typically the vehicle should be less than 8 years old though some vehicles will hold their value better than others. For example, a VW Golf will hold its value better than a Ford Focus say, which will hold its value better than a Daewoo Nubira. Our simple online loan valuation systems will work this all out in the blink of an eye for us.

Our systems determine, in an instant, the details of your vehicle and then how much we can lend you. The value of the vehicle determines the upper limits we can lend and the borrower determines the lower limit. In most cases this is between the limits of £400 and £50,000. So for example if a vehicle is valued at £2100, we can usually offer between £400 and £1500.

We are a responsible,customer focused company and we always aim to offer our clients the most affordable loan to suit their circumstances. It isn’t uncommon for us to offer a client £400 against a £5,000 vehicle if £400 is all they wanted or all that they could comfortably afford to repay. It is not in our interest, or yours, to overcommit yourself.

For a responsible logbook loan look no further than V5 Solutions. Apply Now and see how much you can borrow on your vehicle.

Please see our Representative Example at the bottom of the page.