Compare Logbook Loans

Compare logbook loansComparing logbook loans can be a difficult process especially if you have never had a logbook loan before and are unsure of the procedure. There are a few hurdles which we will explain to help you find the right logbook loan for you.

How Much Can You Borrow?

The main difficulty is finding out exactly how much you can borrow against your vehicle. This often means calling and speaking to various companies which can take a lot of time and might not be very efficient or suitable for you. At V5 Solutions you can find out exactly how much you can borrow very fast and at any time of the day or night. Our V5 Solutions logbook loan calculator will show you how much you could borrow on your vehicle in less than 2 minutes! Just enter your vehicle registration details here and in only 2 minutes you can have a loan offer!

How Much Will It Cost?

Once you know how much you can borrow you will want to know the details of the repayments. At V5 Solutions we’ll show you exactly how much your loan will cost. This gives you confidence in our transparency and lets you compare logbook loans much easier and faster. You can find examples of our logbook loan costs for various loan amounts right here. Remember, you can save money too by settling your loan early. Call us up and we can discuss the savings you can make with V5 Solutions logbook loans.

How Fast Can I Get The Loan?

V5 Solutions provides same day logbook loans in England and Wales. After submitting your V5 Solutions log book loan application our experienced team will call you right back to discuss all the details of the loan with you. We can usually arrange to meet you within just a few hours to complete your loan and issue your loan payment. This means that you could have the money you need sooner than you think.

 How Reliable Is The Logbook Loan Lender?

If it is your first logbook loan you might have some misgivings about the lender you choose to go with. With V5 Solutions you have the benefit of 12 years of experience and our commitment to responsible lending. As accredited members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association we abide by the CCTA Code of Practice for Logbook loan lenders and you can be assured we offer excellent customer care and satisfaction. To find out more about what this means you can read the Code right here.

How Will I Get The Loan Payment?

This is a common question we are asked all the time. The fantastic news is that we issue your V5 Solutions logbook loan payment immediately after we sign the loan agreements with you! We are very flexible and you have a few options on how you receive the loan funds.

  1. Most of our customers accept a cheque which they pay into their bank account. Some choose to cash their cheques, but remember there is a small fee you have to pay for this. We have excellent relationships with our Agents and they will offer you a discounted cheque cashing rate if you choose to cash it with them.
  2. We offer FREE BACS transfers to your Bank Account. These take up to 3 days to clear into you account and are ideal if you can wait a few days.
  3. We offer same day Faster Payments transfer into your Bank Account for a small fee of £10. This ensures the funds are in your account within an hour of completing your logbook loan agreement with us.
How Do I Make My Logbook Loan Repayments?

We offer 4 main ways for you to make your logbook loan repayments.

  1. Standing Order each week,
  2. Payment Book into NatWest Bank,
  3. Debit Card Online,
  4. Debit Card over the phone (each payment is subject to a 50p charge)

With the exception of over the phone payments all the others are Free and really easy to setup and use. We are proud to be the first logbook loan lender to accept online card payments which makes it incredibly convenient for you to make your V5 Solutions logbook loan repayments at any time of the day or night.

When you set out to compare logbook loans we make it very easy for you to find out all the main features you need to consider. To find out more simply contact us and we can talk you through anything specific we haven’t covered here.

Please remember to view our Representative Example at the bottom of the page.

V5 Loans

V5 Solutions provides same day V5 loans between £400 and £50,000 secured against a vehicle you own. Our V5 loans application process is unique and different because we are the first logbook loan lender that lets you get a log book  loan valuation entirely online. Our online V5 loans website allows you very quickly to get an accurate loan offer in only a couple of minutes. This means that you can apply for a V5 loan any time of the day or night.

Most logbook loan lenders force you to speak to a representative before you get a loan offer. We understand that this is not always the best way as we can’t guarantee that we can speak to you 24hrs a day. Our online V5 loan offers are available at the crack of dawn and late at night for all you night owls out there. We are available from 9am each day if you have any queries. Once you have processed your online logbook loan application we can arrange to see you within a few hours. Our experienced and friendly team will call you right back to discuss your V5 loan application and answer any questions you might have.

Our V5 loan appointment is very straight forward too and you will receive your loan payment immediately afterwards. As responsible lenders we always allow at least an hour for each appointment. This allows you ample time to go through our loan agreements with us and ask any questions you might have. Remember, you are securing a loan against your vehicle and you must give this your utmost attention and not rush through the agreements.

To find out how much you could borrow simply apply for a V5 loan today and unlock the money in your car.

Please see our Representative Example at the bottom of the page.

My V5, Secure Online Logbook Loan Payments

V5 Solutions is pleased to be the first logbook loan lender to offer secure online payments to its customers. Our amazing web team have worked round the clock to add this great functionality to our site.

At V5 solutions we understand that we can’t operate round the clock (yet…) and our customers always come first. By adding the online payments option to our logbook loan service we are cementing our selves as one of the brightest logbook loan lenders. This fantastic new service means our customers can make their logbook loan repayments to us at any time, day or night, Sundays and Bank Holiday’s included.

This means that customers that work late night shifts and can’t make it to the bank to make their payments can now make their payments at any time of the day. As part of our commitment to responsible lending we understand that our customers lead varied and diverse lifestyles and can’t always make it to the Bank to make their loan repayments. By making this payment facility available it means they have much more opportunities to make their loan repayments, avoiding going into arrears and incurring any late payment charges.

Simply click on MyV5 right from the homepage to make your secure Debit Card payment. The service is totally free and should take less than 2 minutes to complete. Once complete you will receive an onscreen message that the payment has been successful and a confirmation email will be sent out immediately afterwards. Its beautifully simple and highly functional.

If you encounter any problems accessing the service or making a payment please drop us a line and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue immediately for you.

AutoMoney Logbook Loans

Automoney logbook loans from V5 Solutions are a great way to unlock the cash in your car. If you are looking for an automoney logbook loan of between £400 and £10,000 then V5 Solutions could help you realise the cash in your automobile.

V5 Solutions provides simple and fast logbook loan offers which only take 2 minutes to complete and you can find out exactly how much you can borrow against your vehicle. We provide loans against most vehicles including cars, vans, caravans, motorcycles and even plant machinery! Why not apply now and see home much you can raise against your vehicle?

Our friendly and experienced team will call you right back to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a loan for you the same day if you need to. As committed responsible lenders we always have your best interests in mind and you can expect excellent customer service throughout the term of your loan with us. You can also find out How Our Loans Work and and read up on some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about our services please contact us. We are available Mon-Sat 9am -5.30pm.

Please see our Representative Example at the bottom of the page.

Cash Converters Logbook Loans

You can now apply for a V5 Solutions logbook loan from your local Cash Converters store. You can apply for a V5 Solutions logbook loans from any of the following Cash Converters stores:

  1. Cash Converters Norwich
  2. Cash Converters Bowthorpe
  3. Cash Converters Plumstead Road
  4. Cash Converters Ipswich
  5. Cash Converters Bury St. Edmunds
  6. Cash Converters Kings Lynn
  7. Cash Converters Cambridge
  8. Cash Converters Huntingdon
  9. Cash Converters Bedford

For your convenience you can apply for a Cash Converters logbook loan while you are in-store. The process is simple and fast and you can find out how much you could borrow against your vehicle in just a couple of minutes. Simply ask one of the friendly sales people about V5 Solutions logbook loans and they can process a quick application for you and tell you exactly how much you could borrow. It takes less than 2 minutes! As soon as your application is processed we will call you right back and go through all the details with you. As we are local to all these Cash Converters branches we can arrange to see you the very same day. The V5 Solutions logbook loan appointment takes less than an hour and you will receive your loan payment immediately afterwards.

You can find your local Cash Converters branch by using the Map below.
[google-map-v3 width=”450″ height=”450″ zoom=”12″ maptype=”roadmap” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”true” language=”default” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”true” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”74 Saint Andrews Street North, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1TZ{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Bury St. Edmunds|42-44 St. Benedicts Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4AQ{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Norwich|189 Plumstead Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 4AB{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Norwich, Plumstead Road|3 Bowthorpe shopping centre, Bowthorpe, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 9HA{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Norwich, Bowthorpe Centre|8 Northgate Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 3BZ{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Ipswich|5 High Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1BX{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Kings Lynn|48 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AS{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Cambridge|35 High Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 3AQ{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Huntingdon|77 High Street, Bedford MK40 1NE{}3-default.png{}Cash Converters Bedford” bubbleautopan=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]

Please find our Representative Example and APR at the bottom of the page.