V5 Solutions Quick Logbook loans – A potential lifesaver

The longest recession in Britain since records began in 1955 may be coming to an end, but the period of depression is likely to continue for some time. As a result, many people find that they have difficulty in making their wage or salary stretch from one payday to the next, particularly if they run into unexpected expenses, such as home repairs, vets bills and so forth. Selling valuables on an online auction site or pawning them in the High Street may be a way of raising money in an emergency, but a simpler way may be to take out a quick logbookloan from V5 Solutions.

Quick Logbook loans involve borrowing money against a vehicle that you own, but some of the differences between quick Logbook loans and a loan from, say, a traditional bank or building society include the time taken to arrange the loan and for the funds to be paid in to your bank account. Loans from banks or building societies tend to be for larger amounts, perhaps £10,000 or more and (regardless as to whether they are secured on property or not) often take a lot longer to arrange. Not only that, but even when a loan is arranged, unless you are prepared to pay for a courier service or a BACS transfer, there is often a further delay while you wait for a cheque to arrive and to clear.

The Merits of Logbook loans

Logbook loans are fast -Thankfully, V5 Solutions have noticed the shortcomings of traditional borrowing and we have developed same day logbook loans from £300 to £10,000 to cater for clients who need cash for urgent bills or expenses. Essentially, the whole process of applying for fast Logbook loans and receiving your money can be carried out electronically or by cheque. Logbook loans are typically available within 24 hours but we can often complete your loan application within 2 hours.

Applying for logbook loans is easy – Applying for a logbook loan with V5 Solutions is quick and easy. Our sophisticated logbook loan calculator systems will provide you with a no obligation loan quote in less than 2 minutes. Just enter your car details to get started.

Logbook loans and bad credit – At V5 Solutions we understand that you might not have a perfect credit history and we base our lending on your current ability to repay your loan in an affordable and sustainable manner.

Repaying fast logbook loans

As far as repayment is concerned, you are required to specify the date of the week or month on which your logbook loan is to be repaid. The first repayment date for fast logbook loans will usually be within 7 days from the date you sign your credit agreement then every 7 days thereafter for up to 18 months. We provide quick Logbook loans over 18 months to allow manageable repayments. Our quick Logbook loans can also be repaid early at any time saving you additional interest charges.

If you fail to repay the total amount borrowed with V5 Solutions within the agreed time, you are likely to face some additional charges and a higher amount of interest to pay in total. Quick logbook loans are specifically designed to be short-term borrowing, so if you need to borrow money for a longer period , say 5 years, then more longer term loans may be more suitable than quick Logbook loans.

Apply for your quick logbook loan from V5 solutions now and see how much you can borrow today.

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