What are Logbook Loans?

what are logbook loansLogbok loans are being discussed everywhere you look at the moment. Logbok loans refer to small loans, usually between £300 and £10,000, for a short amount of time ranging from a few days to a few weeks or up to 18 months.

Logbook loans used to be much more difficult to obtain before the rise in popularity and accessibility of the internet. Logbook loans used to be offered almost exclusively in high street shops such as Cash Converters, The Money Shop and Cash Generators. Logbook loans are also known as v5 loans and involve using your vehicle as security to borrow between £300 and £5000, affordably, quickly and easily.

Logbok loans have become much more accessible because internet banking and online payments allow for much more control over finances. Instead of being working day-to-working day, you can now control your finances hour-to-hour. This means that you can apply for a logbook loan with www.V5Solutions.co.uk and once accepted you can have the loan transferred into your account within an hour.

With V5 Solutions, you can apply for Logbook loans between £300 and £5000 in a matter of minutes. You just need to be at least eighteen years old, employed and resident in the UK and own a vehicle that is registered in your name and have a regular income. After you’ve filled in some simple details, you’ll receive an online decision in no time.

If you’re accepted, you’ll be under absolutely no obligations to accept the offer – it’s entirely up to you, and it’s free to apply as well!

Are Logbok Loans Right For You?

So how can Logbok loans help? It can allow you to make bill payments, cover small emergencies and you can apply for logbook loans with V5 Solutions.

Logbook loans usually cost more than traditional forms of credit like Banks and Building Societies and this is because of the speed, flexibility and convenience of logbook loans. V5 Solutions don’t credit score you either, so you are eligible for a logbook loan even if you don’t have a perfect credit history.

The internet has allowed many different loan products to become available to the borrower and every loan does not have to be for many years or for huge amounts. Our logbook loans start at just £300 and can be settled within a matter of days if you like. More and more people are making the choice each day to apply for a small amount of money they know they can afford to pay back in just a few weeks or months.

So, if you’re interested you can apply for logbook loans right here, it only takes 2 minutes!

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