About V5 Solutions - Logbook Loan Experts

We provide logbook loans for car owners

You're in good hands! V5 Solutions is the UK's most innovative log book loan lender. With over 12 years experience we understand what our clients want and how they want to access our loans. We've developed an innovative loan system that puts you in the driving seat.

We offer loans at some of the lowest rates you will find offered by other log book loan lenders. You're unique and we know that. That's why we can tailor our loan offer and rates to suit each person individually.

Our loan application process couldn't be simpler either. Simply enter your vehicle and personal details and process the application through our site to see how much you could borrow. You can even arrange your appointment online or request a call back if you have any questions.

We aim to complete and payout all our loans within 24hrs, but we can usually see you within an hour or two.

We are fully licensed and regulated so you can be assured you're in good hands.