Coronavirus (Covid-19) and V5 Solutions

At V5 Solutions it is business as usual.

Whilst V5 Solutions continue to adhere with all Government advice, we have already taken appropriate steps to adapt our ways of working, to reassure and protect our customers, our team and the general public.

Our secure remote working procedures enables the V5 Solutions team to continue helping all of our existing customers and accept new applications for logbook loans as normal via the website application form here or telephone on 0333 24 123 44

Upon approval of your application, our team will still need to visit you to undertake a final personal verification check and signature prior to submitting your cash. We will explain our requirements upon approval of your loan application.

When visiting you, there will be no requirement for our team to enter your home and we continue to abide by all social distancing and safety guidelines to ensure you receive your pay-out promptly and safely.


Existing Customers

Our existing customers should continue to make their repayments as normal. If you have any questions regarding your existing V5 Solutions loan, please get in touch us.


Get In Touch

If you have any questions regarding our ways of working, your existing loan or new loan applications, you can contact our team on 0333 24 123 44 or complete the contact form here.

Thank you.

V5 Solutions